About Me

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I write from my heart and am maybe too honest at times but that’s just who I am. I hope to inspire new thoughts by my blog posts and pages and also a sense of adventure in others via my travel page.

I am an Events Manager by trade, starting my career in the Harrods Events Team, where I worked for a number of years. My greatest passion is travelling. When I was 16, I saved as much as I could from my part time job, so that I could buy a round the world ticket. I completed this world trip as soon as I could escape from senior school, much to the upset of my family at the time! I travel not to escape life but so life doesn’t escape me! I encourage you to do the same.

I am however currently learning the art of coping with CFS/ME off the back of Glangdular fever…probably gained from kissing some frogs, before finding a prince!…although now under control, I also experienced panic attacks and depression as a result of becoming ill. Being ill with an illness many don’t understand or even believe to be real, despite recent groundbreaking confirmations in science is mainly why. click here for..breakthroughs & the Oscar nominated film on cfs unrest.  At the beginning I was bed bound for many months unable to look after myself, unable to work. I had to move out of a London flat with great friends as a result. Losing my London life and stepping temporarily from the career I had built, was an extremely hard experience but also a very liberating one! I craved my old memories/lifestyle thinking if I had them back everything would be okay..even though deep down I didn’t want it. I guess it was just due to the fear of what was happening at the time. I now finally feel, in spite of everything, accepting of my situation, more drive, inspired and appreciate things more. I strive to not solely live the illness label but continue to experience, explore and connect with others and everything around me where possible. You will get an idea of this from my travel adventures and visual memory pages.  I look at my life as a new chapter to start a new path. It is exciting, not depressing to me as it was at the early stages. I hope to inspire people going through challenges to do the same.

This is very hard to admit and share for fear of the negative judgement, as well as the impact it may have of my life…I worry it may stunt my opportunities. I type it, I delete it…multiple times…I decide to be brave and share it. I have always been a big advocate in supporting end the stigma campaigns etc posting social media posts on mental health awareness… Despite this, I kept my past mental health issues and the reality of my m.e/cfs illness a secret ironically. I wish to share and be open, not for any sympathy but in an aim to help break the stigma mental health and M.E/CFS has as well as help peoples understanding and awareness.

I still struggle to get the balance right, my zest for life constantly overides my body’s ability! I often make myself very ill as a result which makes my loved ones angry, but it is those moments that make me feel alive and help me carry on. I have good days, bad days and extremely bad days. I often look like there is nothing wrong with me though from the outside…this often confuses people who do not understand the condition and is why the condition is often called the invisible illness.

I am very passionate about promoting compassion and kindness…check out my deed of the day page…you may make someone smile and help them in a way beyond what you expect.

I am often so tired, my memories, experiences and thoughts whilst awake and about are a blur afterwards…hence my blog! …so these memories and random thoughts are not to be forgotten 🙂

Why upsidedown_travels… I have always loved gymnastics …although I quit the professional route I was going down as a young child…the love for handstands stayed. My love for travel is a huge part of me…I randomly decided to do a handstand when at the Grand Canyon and with over 100 pictures later in different places, the tradition has stayed. Although these days, I either cannot do one due to my cfs…or attempt it then am seriously wiped out and in a lot of pain afterwards. It is also good to change your perspective, sometimes turn your opinion upsidedown. It can help you deal with challenges which seem impossible to overcome. When I became ill, I was very angry and frustrated. I later accepted my situation for what it is, I am more confident and see the world as my Oyster. I use my new circumstances to my advantage to work on projects I never had time to. I look at the positives. I encourage you to change your perspective, whenever you have a challenge. Traveling also adds to my knowledge, inspires new thoughts and my perspective on things is enriched more each time. So hence why upsidedown_travels

Why the tag line…Wild, Weird, Wonderful…just because.

P.s I am dyslexic so apologies for the poor grammer and typos!